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Dash Cam Installation Service

Your Choice of Dash Cam Fitting
at Your Home or 
Our Fitting Location

Through our mobile Dash Cam installation service, we can offer individuals and fleets a comprehensive solution. From choosing an appropriate Dash Camera to professionally installing the Dash Camera to the intended vehicle, we ensure that everything is done as you expect. When you buy a Dash Camera through our site, you’ll see entire info about the product you’re going to purchase. Once the order has been placed, we’ll then get in touch with you to arrange your Dash Cam installation.

One of our mobile Dash Cam fitting technicians will arrive at your home or work at your chosen date and time to carry out your dash cam installation. Depending on the camera and vehicle, we would generally expect to finish within an hour or two, but be ready for it to take up to 2-3 hours. All of our Dash Cam technicians are experienced and professional; your car camera will be neatly installed with no dangling cables and we won’t use your 12 volt accessory socket, keeping it free for you to power up your smartphone or sat nav on the go.
If you have your own dash cam, mirror dash cam or reversing camera and would like someone to install it for you, then you can book your dash cam installation below and one of our dash cam fitters will come around to install it for you. 

A Dash Cam can provide a wide range of benefits. Without proper installation of a Dash Cam, you will not be able to reap the true benefits of it as a driver. ​ If you don’t install the camera correctly, then insurers and courts can ignore the camera footage. Thus, an incorrectly fitted Dash Cam can be more risky than no Dash Cam. This is certainly essential to install a Dash Cam properly in your vehicle.   That’s only possible if you leave the job to the experts. Therefore, if you’re in Greater London or surrounding areas and would like us to install a Dash Cam professionally, you’ve come to the right place.   From the most fundamental single lens to a multi-lens Dash Cam installation service, DTec expert technicians will guarantee that a job is done perfectly. We are happy to work with both commercial and consumer customers to equip their vehicles with Dash Cams.

Mobile Dash Cam Fitting Near Me

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