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There are many reasons why you should let us install a Dash Cam or GPS tracker on your vehicle. The two main reasons are to improve your vehicle’s security 24/7 and the other is to lower your insurance.

If your vehicle is ever stolen, you will be able to track its movements in real-time and alert authorities to recover it safely and as quickly as possible.

Each tracking device has its own unique IMEI, mobile number and installation process. You can use a mobile app on your smartphone to view the real-time location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. 


If you are looking to install multiple devices to a large number of fleet vehicles, call DTec on 0203 637 9057 to arrange your installation date.

GPS Tracking devices by DTec.

There are 3 types of tracking devices, OBD-II port the plug&play option, portable battery powered and hard-wired trackers.

By having a DTec tracking device, the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle increase tremendously with the help of real-time location tracking. Apart from anti-theft purposes, businesses use DTec GPS tracking systems to monitor the behaviour of their drivers, fuel usage and routes taken.

DTec GPS tracking devices are invaluable for businesses such as; delivery and couriers companies, PCO car rental companies, emergency services, distribution services and many more companies.

Dash Cams by

A dash cam is a small camera that can be mounted on the windscreen or dashboard of your car. The camera records any activity going on in front of the driver, and some cameras also record what's going on behind them. Footage can be used later as evidence for a car insurance claims if there's an incident.

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