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  • QUAD HD+ – The A119 V3, which applies a new chipset and Sony sensor to support Quad HD+ 30fps, creates a beautiful, vivid image of the road ahead in various lighting situations by honing in on the details.
  • 2560x1600P & 5MP Sensor A119 V3 dash cam adopts an advanced 5MP IMX355 sensor and F1.6 7G lens, at 1600p HD resolution and 30 frames per second, the car camera shoots in stunning quality during the day and night, making it easier to read license plates and capture incidents with superb clarity. Its 140-degree angle prevents a fisheye view while still providing a wide view of the road.
  • 7G Lens, Fl.6 Aperture and 140 degrees Wide Angle – Equipped with a 7-element lens, f/ I .6 aperture and 140-degree wide viewing angle, the A119 V3 captures more details with excellent image quality day and night.
  • Advanced Parking Mode A119 V3 dashcam has a revolutionary improvement on the parking mode, there are 3 solutions under the parking mode to meet different needs, Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. When you choose Auto Event Detection, the buffered parking mode function will work automatically to record video before the event and after the event. A119 V3 supports HK3 ACC 3 wire hardwire cable (Sold separately), it will judge the car start/stop more sensitively through the ACC signal.
  • Buffered Parking Mode – Not only capture the aftermath, but also record events leading up to an impact. When an event is detected, it saves 15 seconds video before the event and 30 seconds after the event.
  • Parking Mode Solution – 
  • Auto Event Detection –
  • Automatically record when detecting moving objects or impacts while the car is parking.
  • Time Lapse – A video is recorded at a rate of low fps, compressed into an Ong file.
  • Low Bitrate Recording – Record video at low bitrate to save storage space.
  • Emergency Locking – G-sensor can turn on the emergency recording mode by sensing the acceleration and intensity of the vehicle in all directions to record the brake of the vehicle or the event of a collision. With G-sensor, the current footage will be locked automatically to avoid being overwritten during emergency events.
  • Super Capacitor – The A119 V3 uses a super high-quality capacitor to ensure a more stable power and longer lifetime. This super capacitor ensures excellent performance of the dash cam in harsh climates from -10t to 65t.
  • GPS Tracking With the GPS module, the A119 V3 dash camera will record real-time speed, time and GPS route in the video file, allowing compatible viewers to display the data on playback. And a date and time stamp embedded in the recorded footage provide further additional evidence.
  • Super Night Vision & HDR Come with a Sony STARVIS 5MP image sensor, providing a much clearer image than most dash cameras at night. HDR function can automatically balance the lighting at over bright and over dark areas, and capture clear license plates even under strong car lights at night.
  • Easy Setup and Discreet Design – This A119 V3 applies a quick-release mount to bring a better installation experience. Simple installation, easy operation and mini body design will immediately make this dash cam becomes the best choice.
  • Ideal Choice G-sensor, motion detection, WDR, loop recording, support up to 256GB SD card, built-in microphone, auto start/stop, easy installation and use, one year warranty. The A119 V3 is the ideal choice for your dashcam.

A119v3 Front Facing Dash cam

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