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TFL Approved Dash Cam, in-vehicle CCTV for PHV and Taxi drivers.


Calling all black Taxis and PHV for your perfect TFL approved system!


The new ACM1B system can offer you up to 4 cameras, GPS locating, up to 256GB SD Card storage which stores up to 30 days recording with H265 video recording compression.


With 720p HD recording there's no way it will miss any sketchy incidents, making for faster and cheaper investigation settlements and eliminating losses from false claims. No more getting your account blocked by Uber or Bolt.


Audio recording rate 40KB/s and is activated via a push button for up to 3 minutes recording time.


Including AES256 data encryption, making it the most secure system on the market.


Up to 4 cameras to ensure you never miss a moment. These cameras can be placed front/passenger or rear facing depending on how you would like them arranged. 


(4 Cameras only available for Black Taxis Levc, TX ELECTRIC TAXI)


Once ordered we will contact you with a fitting date for your new TFL Approved System, don't worry about the price as this includes Installation.


PriceFrom £450.00
  • @ DTec Tower Hamlets E1 Fitting Included
  • Front Camera 720p 
    • (Based on your selection)
  • Passenger 720p Infrared Camera 
    • (Based on your selection)
  • Rear (Back) Camera 720p 
    • (Based on your selection)
  • ACM1B Unit
  • Microphone Audio Push Button 
    • (3 Minute Timer) - (Based on your selection)
  • 128GB to 256GB SD Card
    • (Minimum 1 month recording)
  • GPS Tracking Antenna
  • Passenger Warning Stickers
  • Public Warning Sticker
  • Audio Warning sticker
  • 2 Year Unit Warranty
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