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(WARNING: This is an Expansion Pack Only and Requires Connection to NEO 6 or NEO 8+)


Extended recording time

EXT 7+ is capable of powering a standard single channel dash cam for 45 hours of constant recording (dash cam model dependant) in real-world situations where the dash cam is only recording periodically, when motion or impact is detected, the operation time can be measured in days rather than hours.

Easy installation

The EXT 7+ Simply connects to a NEO 6 or NEO 8+ battery with a single plug-in cable.

Fast charging

EXT 7+ reaches a full charge in just 40 minutes when Hardwired to the vehicle and 80 minutes when connected to the vehicle cigarette lighter socket.

5V USB output

Charge accessories such such as smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots


Connect up to 5 EXT 7+ in sequence to increase recording times
Package includes connection to a Cellink NEO 6 or NEO 8+ battery pack

Cellink EXT 7+

Out of Stock
  • Cellink EXT 7+
  • Expansion Connection Cable
  • Velcro Strips (2 inc)
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