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Introducing the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X, capable of powering a BlackVue dash cam in Parking Mode for extended periods of time without the need to ever draw power from the vehicle’s battery.


The Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X is an advanced mobile power source that charges when the vehicle is running and provides continuous 12v or 24v power when parked overnight. When the vehicle's ignition is switched off and the car is unattended, the BlackVue dash cam will automatically enter Parking Mode, monitoring events and only recording footage when triggered by motion or impact.


The B-124X uses LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology and can withstand extreme temperatures, go through more charge cycles, and is more environmentally friendly than a traditional Lithium-ion battery.

Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack B-124X

SKU: BV101-0173
£349.95 Regular Price
£329.99Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X
  • Vehicle hardwire cable
  • Output cable for dash cam
  • Fuse tap kit (3 types)
  • Vehicle cigarette lighter socket power cable
  • Velcro strips (2 included)
  • User manual
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